Think. Define. Design.

Italian design, functional perfection.

At a glance

Rokivo is a digital experience design company with roots in Italy and San Francisco.

We merge the American unsurpassed execution with the beauty of Italian design. By working with us our clients access the best of both worlds.

Our principles


We use a well-proven process to deliver a tailor made User Experience to our Clients. Every step was honed during countless hours spent on more than 100 projects. Every project has clear goals, precise timing, and flawless management.


We design for coders and don't waste precious time in design first, check later. Rokivo designers work side by side with developers.


UI made in Italy, where perfecting design is matchless and the search for beauty is as natural as breathing.



    Davide Marazita

    Founder / CEO Group

    Design Strategist with several years of experience with major international brands. Davide is the effective link between ideas and deliverables.

    Massimo Cortinovis

    Innovation Manager

    An accomplished Digital Strategist focused on innovation and groundbreaking ideas for business-oriented marketing solutions, since 1995.

    Giovanni Marazita

    Founder / Chief Design Officer

    Designer fascinated by innovation, leading Rokivo's UX team passionately. Devoted to designing the perfect experience between the user and a product.

    Valerio Saffirio

    Managing Director

    Serial Entrepreneur responsible for building the strategy of countless brands. Valerio’s 20+ year experience in Marketing and Advertising, adds a solid background to Rokivo's projects.

    Stefano Caccia

    Managing Director US

    Sales and Market Strategist with 20 years experience in U.S. Market Development. Stefano manages Rokivo’s operations in North America including Rokivo.Forward, a retail innovation lab.

    Simone Marcarino

    Digital Product Manager

    Designer of systematic methods to help humans interact with digital interfaces in a clean, modern, and usable manner.

    Alessio Bertone

    Digital Product Manager

    A Creative Designer and Enthusiast who solves problems with functional and usable design solutions.

    Giovanni Tagliente

    Visual Designer

    Working on everything brand, products, illustrations and interfaces.

    Marco Cinelli

    Experience Architect

    An Experience Architect responsible for facilitating, generating great user experiences of human-centered design, interaction design and design research.


Rocco Barbaro - Edoardo Benedetto - Eran Dror - Laura Bisio - Sara Traversarsi

Brands we’ve worked for

  • AnchorFree
  • Federated Media
  • Fastweb
  • Swatch
  • Vodafone
  • Cisco
  • The Needs
  • Parmalat
  • Fineco
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Valentino
  • DeLonghi